What is Team Elite and Who is Coach SBR?

Sherry Boston Rennard (Coach SBR) lives in Orange County, California, where triathlon training takes place outside year-round. Sherry can be seen on a regular basis swimming, cycling and running with the Team Elite athletes she coaches, enjoying the beautiful and challenging terrain of Southern California.

You’ll also see Team Elite athletes at century rides, half & full marathons, mountain bike races, trail races and various training & racing adventures throughout California.

Coach SBR knows how to Train Smart, Recover Right and Race Fast. She’s won her Age Group in four Ironman races and countless Ironman 70.3 races, shorter distance races and trail races.

Using Coach Sherry’s customized training plans, Team Elite athletes have achieved Personal Records and earned podium spots in all race distances. Numerous triathletes have heard those coveted words, “You are an IRONMAN!!” after a successful season of training with Team Elite by Coach SBR.


What our athletes are saying…

“I’m new to Team Elite and have been training under Coach Sherry for six months. Sherry has helped me dial in my workouts in a consistent manner. She writes training plans specific to the needs of her athletes and If an injury or setback occurs she changes your plan immediately. I never have to worry whether I’m over training or under training for a race because Sherry monitors that and makes changes to my plan accordingly. She pushes me outside my comfort zone and that makes me stronger mentally and physically. The thing I love the most about Sherry is how genuine she is. Keep up the good work Coach and thank you for making me a better athlete”.

Julie Brawner, 2017

“One word to describe Sherry’s impact on me – Priceless.   I was pretty sure she’d help me figure out how to train and feed myself during an endurance race.  I mean, she’s a pro’s pro; but I received two things I didn’t expect to.  I found out more about who I am as a person, deep down inside.   And I met just an amazing group of very cool people – friendly, knowledgeable, accepting… who I feel fortunate to share a slice of my life with”.

Steve Ellis, St. George IRONMAN 70.3 2016, IRONMAN Canada 2016

“As a current collegiate Athletic Director, former high school Athletic Director and Coach, I can testify first hand to the quality of Sherry Rennard’s coaching. Sherry is very welcoming and has an extremely warm personality which she capably blends with her coaching skills to help her athletes achieve their personal goals. She is very adept at creating training plans to accommodate the specific style and needs of ALL her athletes, no matter their age or ability levels. She is positive and affirming and reinforces a “can do” attitude among the Team Elite members which is contagious due to her enthusiasm. Her expertise is extensive, but beyond this is her ability to translate her knowledge of triathlon into understandable levels for all her team members. She is supportive and dedicated to all of us and I am proud to be a part of Team Elite and to call her my coach. I wear my team colors and SBR across my chest with pride”.

Martin Stringer 2017

A big thanks to my coach Sherry who not only helped me to reach all of my goals for this race but really showed me the value of pacing yourself and focusing on your targets. I could not have done this without her guidance and knowledge.”


“Whilst riding the Back Bay in full race gear, not knowing what I was doing, I ran into Coach Sherry. She was very kind and asked, “Hey, what are you doing?”  I said “I’m not sure, but I am doing a triathlon soon”. We ended up chatting for a few miles and before we went our separate ways she yelled: ” Look me up! COACH SBR… COACH SBR  you’ll be grateful you did and lay off the race gear while training you look silly.”  I raced home and Googled COACH SBR and was pleasantly surprised that an amazing coach lived less than 2 miles from my house.  I enrolled in her coaching program and have since completed a handful of sprints and two half Ironmans”.

Tim Kreuger 2016, 2017

“Coach Sherry took me from novice to IRONMAN in less than a year! There’s no way I could have achieved what I did without her expertise and guidance. She was patient, encouraging, and always had to the ability to help me dig deep. Not only did she develop a custom training plan that fit my schedule and goals, she also dialed in a specific nutrition plan for all of my races. Simply put, Coach Sherry allowed me to achieve a dream I never thought was possible! Thank you!!”

Lee Harris, St. George IRONMAN 70.3 2016, IRONMAN Mallorca 2016

“Coach SBR is amazing! She possesses a unique ability listen to what your goals are, analyze your current condition, and then create a training plan specifically for you, that is always challenging, but never more than you can handle. In the four weeks I’ve been working with her, I’ve lost 12 pounds, and gained a ton of confidence in my abilities as a triathlete. I cannot imagine training under anyone else. Go Team Elite!”  

Michael McLitus, 2017

“As a “beer-league” hockey player with no background in swimming, cycling or running, the prospect of becoming a member of Team Elite and being coached by Sherry Boston Rennard was more than a little intimidating. Her list of athletic accomplishments along with those of her athletes is incredibly impressive; for a first timer, it was hard to figure out what business I had thinking about signing on with this group.

Luckily, I did sign on with Sherry and it has been an awesome ride! What I clearly found out was that Sherry’s coaching was not just for pro’s but average Joe’s as well. No matter what your level of skill or development, Sherry WILL help you meet your triathlon goals. She is down to earth, incredibly enthusiastic and will do everything in her power to help propel you towards your finish line.  I would recommend Sherry and Team Elite, without reservation, to anyone who is interested in pursuing a goal in the sport of triathlon”.

Mitch Atkinson, IRONMAN Canada 2016, IRONMAN California 70.3 2017

“I caught the triathlon bug a year ago and set an ambitious goal to race an Ironman 70.3. I knew I needed a coach who can provided some one-on-one attention and the support of an organized team. I wanted a coach who would push me outside my comfort zone and encourage me along the way. I was referred to Sherry through a friend and she exceeded all my expectations. Sherry is one of the most positive and hilarious people that I know and I’m extremely grateful to have found her. Her willingness, focus and determination inspired me to push through many hard training days and emotional & mental health setbacks. When I reached race day I was calm and collected with full confidence, thanks to Sherry. Sherry’s managed to collect a fun, welcoming, positive group of athletes in Southern California. As a newbie, it was fun meeting the team and hearing their stories. It’s also humbling to train with everyone. I felt intimidated at first but quickly realized that it was all in my head. Everyone’s friendly and we’re all here to improve at our sport with Sherry’s coaching.”

Meilynda Herbst 2017

“Sherry is not only an exceptional coach – but a true friend.  She cares for each one of her athletes and offers not only a “plan” to accomplish your goals but a sense of adventure to expand your horizons and push your goals.  She has put together a team of varied but like-minded individuals (irony intended) who support and care for each other a lot.  In a word, this is not only a team but a FAMILY.  We support each other in sport and in life.  Every. Single. Day.  I could not be happier with my choice then when I decided to move forward with Sherry and Team Elite!”

Rassa Ahmadi 2016, 2017

“Thanks, Coach SBR, for getting me to the finish line. I couldn’t have done it without you!”  

Laura Butler Vineman IRONMAN 70.3 2014, IRONMAN Vineman 2016